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The Coordinated Working Group Meeting (CWGM) implements and coordinates international collaborations in stellarator-heliotron research. The work is intended to contribute to the International Stellarator-Heliotron Confinement (Profile) Database, ISH-C(P)DB. 

The work is being conducted under the auspices of the IEA Implementing Agreement of Development of Stellarator Concepts.

Topics of the meetings are as follows:

  • SH Confinement and Profile Database
  • Highlights in experiment, invitation to joint experiment
  • Framework for collaborations
  • Diagnostics collaborations
  • 3D Transport in divertors
  • Impurity transport
  • Flows and Viscosity, Transport
  • Energetic particles, Alfven modes
  • 3D Equilibrium
  • Reactor/Systems code
  • Plasma Startup

Date: 17-19 June, 2015

Venue: Warsaw, Poland

The meeting sponsored by

The conference room ("Azalia") is located on the first floor. Registration desk will be available opposite the room. After entering Golden Tulip Warsaw Center please follow the 14th-CWGM logo visible on the monitor screens.

The information needed to connect CWGM remotely is now available in the "Remote participation" tag.

Preliminary participant list is now available in the Scientific Programme tab.

We are pleased to be visited by our national and foreign colleagues.

Meeting Agenda is under construction.

Registration and abstract submission are now open!

The first announcement of the meeting is now published! See the tab "First announcement".
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